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Today, 9PM (UTC+1) Nomi streams drawings →

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sometimes I’m sad I never got into harcerstwo but then I remember it would mean shitting in a latrine during hiking and then I feel at peace with this missed opportunity

naaah, that wasn’t the worst thing there

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Oh my gawd I finally graduated

So, yesterday I got my BA degree in animation! I got a 5 for my diploma movie (It’s an A, I guess?). My teachers loved it (I hope) and now I have to start an adult life orz”“” 

I made myself a little portfolio so I can start looking for an art (preferably animation) related work, you can see it here.

I will upload my diploma movie soon so everyone can see it! Damn, I can’t believe I finished this. I’m not sure what to do with my life now @_@ Any ideas?

Kołowrotki →

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if you think I won’t wear the same bra for three weeks straight you are dead wrong

some girls change their bras daily?

How often are you supposed to change them? O_o

Wait…you’re supposed to own more than one?

Wait some people only own one bra?

Dude, have you seen how expensive bras are for a comfortable one?

whats a bra

where am i

am I the bra?

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